Mr. Sidney Kina PhD

Mr. Sidney Kina

Sidney Kina, DDS, MS, PhD. graduate from the Santa Catarina School of Dentistry, Florianópolis, Brazil, MS degree from Unicamp University, Piracicaba, Brazil, PhD in Prosthodontics at State University of Araçatuba/UNESP (State University of Sao Paulo), Brazil. He is the author of the books Invisible Esthetic Ceramic Restorations (Artes Médicas, 2007) and Equilibrium Adhesive Ceramic Case Book (Artes Médicas, 2009).Dr Kina is an honorary member of the Brazilian Society of Esthetic Dentistry. He lectures nationally and internationally on esthetic dentistry. He maintains a prívate practica in Maringá and São Paulo, Brazil.

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